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Juki MCS-1500

Juki MCS-1500

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Expand your creative scope with the extensive range of functions and professional-looking stitches of the MCS-1500. The 3- and 4-thread cover stitch is perfect for various applications, such as hems, sleeve cuffs, and necklines. Gather and create simple hems with chain stitch. The MCS-1500 is the ideal partner that gives a professional finish to your textiles and garments.

Perfect For Handling Any Fabrics

Perfect for handling many fabrics like knits, wovens, and other texturally varied fabrics, this machine is a great tool to have in your arsenal! Sewing at 1,350 stitches per minute with beautiful features to obtain professional finishes, this machine is perfect for clothing construction. Create jaw-dropping pieces with a machine that works as hard as you do.

Super Easy Looper Threading

The lower looper threader disengages for fast, easy looper threading, in seconds. Just slide the thread into the slot and snap the looper into place.

Differential Feed Adjustment

Adjust the differential feed to sew beautiful finishes. This includes stretch fabrics, such as knits and georgette.

Extension Plate with Seam Guidelines

The seam guidelines on the extension plate are a useful aid for sewing.

Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure: Presser foot pressure can be increased or decreased by turning the knob.

Selectable Stitch Width

It can either stitch with 2.5mm or 5mm.

Easy Stitch Length Adjustments

You can change the stitch length for specialty thread or overlock techniques using the conveniently located dial.

Front Foot Lift

The presser foot is higher on its tip to allow the fabric to easily be inserted at the start of sewing. In addition, raising the foot lifter allows for 8mm and 10mm of space to easily insert even a thick layer of fabric.

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